Welcome to the Twine Fishing Simulator, a dreamlike, text-based fishing sim.

  • Catch fish!
  • Meet bespoke non-player characters!
  • Explore a simulated world!

THIS GAME HAS AUDIO! Make sure your computer isn't muted!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to playtest this throughout its many iterations.  <3

This game is my strange and silly love letter to fishing, and fishing minigames. I hope you enjoy it.

Maxine Sophia Wolff


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this game is really lovely! however, i got stuck after talking to jackie at one point - i don't remember the exact dialogue, but i think it was after i had tried to ask her about her family for the third or fourth time?

Hmm. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I will fix it!


Incredible use of Twine as a program and also a really cool game! I'm amazed by how inventive it managed to be under the guise of a fishing minigame. It really was unlike any Twine game I've played before and I'm really excited to check out more by this creator!

i loved it